Learn How to Apply a Starbucks Job Openings

Anyone who has visited a Starbucks in your area knows it can be very busy, especially during the day.

This is one of the many reasons Starbucks will always have job openings for almost every store worldwide. They want to cater to every customer who comes to the store and serve their orders.

If you're wondering how to become a Starbucks employee, check out the guide below to learn how to apply for Starbucks job openings.

Learn How to Apply a Starbucks Job Openings
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Job Openings at Starbucks

If you plan on applying for Starbucks job openings, here are some of the most popular and in-demand positions currently available for you to apply. 

Learn How to Apply a Starbucks Job Openings
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Check them out below.


The barista is probably one of the most in-demand roles within Starbucks. 

They are responsible for taking the orders and preparing them for the customer. 


They ensure that every order is what the customer wants and that they are prepared and delivered within food safety protocols. 

Shift Supervisor

The shift supervisor is mostly a barista who has been promoted, but you can still apply for the role if you have previous experience. 

Their responsibility is to ensure that every barista has tasks to do and orders to comply with. 


They also assist the baristas and the cashiers whenever they need to step in, especially during busy hours.


The cashier works behind the counter and mainly takes the orders from the customer. 

They can also be baristas who can prepare the order if other baristas are busy and there aren't many customers in the store. 

Many cashiers must have basic mathematical skills while also having the qualities of the baristas.

Store Manager

The store manager is responsible for the business operations. 

They hire and train new employees to join the team while also dealing with the team currently working at the store. 

They coach employees and supervisors to become better versions of themselves while handling the supplies and inventory.

Expected Skills of a Starbucks Employee

Starbucks is a highly competitive environment. 

Learn How to Apply a Starbucks Job Openings
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As an applicant, displaying many skills and qualifications before applying is best. 

These skills are expected of every Starbucks employee as they perform their roles.

Strong Communication Skills

When you go to a Starbucks store, you hear the baristas working together to provide you with top-notch coffee. 

This is why applicants must have strong communication skills to convey and adequately prepare every order

Since you're also working together with a team, communication is key to a prosperous and stress-free shift.

Attention to Detail

Notice that every Starbucks order is going to be complex. 

Every Starbucks employee must have excellent attention to detail as there will be a lot going on while working. 

You will need to memorize the recipe for each drink, prepare food, and remember every customer's name.


While this skill is very important for baristas, this also applies to almost every role at Starbucks. 

You must be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously or at least be efficient with specific tasks at hand. 

This can come in handy, especially when the store begins to pile up with customers, and you need to commit to your orders while maintaining the quality of the coffee you serve.

Work Under Pressure

Working at Starbucks is already a stressful job. Anyone in the food service industry knows you must work under pressure if you want to last for a long time. 

Stores can get busy, and you must prioritize which tasks are essential and which ones you can leave for last. 

You might even be working in multiple store sections if you have to.

How to Apply for Job Openings at Starbucks

There are many ways for you to apply for job openings at Starbucks. 

Learn How to Apply a Starbucks Job Openings
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The hiring process might be similar, but these options have fundamental differences. 

Check out the options below to find out where and how you can apply for job openings at Starbucks.

Online Application

One of the most convenient ways to apply is through their website

All you need to do is go to their official website, explore all available job openings, and choose which suits your interests, skills, preferences, and location. 

Once you have selected, complete and submit the online application form.

Job Fairs

Starbucks is already a very popular company that often joins job fairs worldwide to look for new employees. 

Check your local job fairs and see if there are job openings for your local Starbucks store. 

Attend the job fair, and don't forget to bring your resume and other documents with you so you can immediately apply for any job opening.

In-Person Application

Another effective way to apply for job openings at Starbucks is to apply at any nearby store directly. 

All you need to do is ask for the manager and inquire if there are any job openings that you can apply for. 

Submit your resume; you might be immediately interviewed afterwards, so be prepared.

Why Should You Work at Starbucks?

Starbucks might be known for its coffee, but many high-quality products wouldn't be as delicious without the hardworking employees. 

Learn How to Apply a Starbucks Job Openings
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There are a lot of reasons why you should work at Starbucks. 

Apart from the high-paying job, the company also provides many benefits for every employee.

Growth Opportunities

Starbucks has several development programs that prepare promising employees for future positions. 

If you are a talented and hardworking employee, you will have a lot of growth opportunities within Starbucks. 

Your employment and your future are secured with Starbucks.

Educational Assistance

If you are already working at Starbucks and want to continue your studies, the company has a program that assists working students. 

They are currently offering an online program where employees can go to school and have a chance to earn a degree while still working. 

They even provide educational assistance by covering their tuition.

Employee Benefits

One of the many reasons people like to work at Starbucks is their comprehensive list of employee benefits. 

These benefits include health, eye, and dental insurance. 

They even offer a retirement plan to help you save money for your future.


Working at Starbucks might seem very easy for many people, but it is not a job you must underestimate. It takes a lot of knowledge, skill, and talent to prepare the different kinds of coffee drinks and food you like.

If you're interested in applying, make sure to follow this guide to ensure that you get hired.